John Allan – Bassist / Software Developer

I’m a bass player and software developer from Glasgow, currently working full time as a full stack C# / .NET software developer. I mainly specialise in adding features to and maintaining the Android and iOS mobile apps for the company that I work for, as well as working on the back end of their web app.

Information about which programming languages, technologies and frameworks I have worked with can be found here.

I’ve been a professional bass player for over 20 years. I play and teach bass guitar, guitar, double bass and mandolin. Before working full time as a software developer, I was a music instructor with East Dunbartonshire Council and am fully PVG registered. If you are interested in one to one, group or Skype lessons, please check out this page.

There are plenty of transcriptions on this site and they are all free to use. I don’t claim ownership of these transcriptions. Because of this, transcriptions are for educational use and are non-profit. 

Currently, I’m the bass player for one of Scotland’s busiest cover bands, Chasing Lights. 

An HTML app that I wrote called bass in the browser is open for collaboration. I’m currently in the process of making this into a native mobile app. 

Blogs I’m working on include a history of jazz double bass players and mobile app development (not at the same time). Happy to welcome contributions to either.